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US-9354235-B2: System and process for quantifying potentially mineralizable nitrogen for agricultural crop production patent, US-9355559-B1: Media device control profile selection patent, US-9356451-B2: Battery control circuit having multiple adjusting units patent, US-9357599-B2: Lighting control circuit, illuminating lamp using the lighting control circuit, and lighting device using the illuminating lamp patent, US-9358073-B2: Expandable devices, rail systems, and motorized devices patent, US-9360747-B2: Transmission type screen patent, US-9365075-B2: Spinning rim assembly for a wheel patent, US-9365582-B2: Macrocyclic inhibitors of hepatitis C virus patent, US-9370324-B2: Hemodialysis patient data acquisition, management and analysis system patent, US-9371061-B2: Regenerative brake apparatus of hybrid vehicle and method thereof patent, US-9371579-B2: Ground state hydrogen radical sources for chemical vapor deposition of silicon-carbon-containing films patent, US-9374243-B1: Managing operational throughput for shared resources patent, US-9374782-B2: Reducing power consumption in a wireless communication system patent, US-9377598-B2: Fiber optic cable systems and methods to prevent hydrogen ingress patent, US-9378281-B2: Systems and methods for presenting data items patent, US-9381031-B2: Surgical instruments for cutting cavities in intramedullary canals patent, US-9382453-B2: Paint film-protecting sheet patent, US-9384967-B2: Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device by forming a film on a substrate patent, US-9385168-B2: High resolution low power consumption OLED display with extended lifetime patent, US-9386990-B2: Nerve repair with a hydrogel and adhesive patent, US-9388927-B2: Polymer pipe connection assembly patent, US-9389649-B2: Locking mechanism with movable and fixed members each having single- and double locking features patent, US-9391415-B2: Methods and apparatus for grounding an electrical device via a lampholder patent, US-9393801-B2: Liquid consuming apparatus patent, US-9394442-B2: Hybrid thermoplastic gels and their methods of making patent, US-9395191-B2: Navigation apparatus patent, US-9395236-B2: Vibratory meter and method for determining resonant frequency patent, US-9395885-B1: Methods and systems for a remote desktop session utilizing HTTP header patent, US-9397290-B2: Memory cells patent, US-9397430-B2: Isolated electrical connection assembly and method patent, US-9401509-B2: Cathode patent, US-9401548-B2: Crimp terminal patent, US-9401982-B2: Device capable of notifying operation state change thereof through network and communication method of the device patent, US-9402064-B1: Systems and methods for operation of recording devices such as digital video recorders (DVRs) patent, US-9405472-B2: Tracking ownership of memory in a data processing system through use of a memory monitor patent, US-9405733-B1: System and method for analyzing and categorizing text patent, US-9406049-B2: Electronic device and method for updating message recipients based on message body indicators patent, US-9406289-B2: Track trapping and transfer patent, US-9409932-B2: Silicone-compatible photoinitiators patent, US-9411331-B2: Automatic programming device and method patent, US-9411612-B2: Techniques for creating and/or maintaining scalable heterogeneous read-only federations of registries patent, US-9413471-B2: High performance compact RF receiver for space flight applications patent, US-9415186-B2: Introducer sheath for catheters patent, US-9415197-B2: Implantable suction cup composites and implants comprising same patent, US-9416399-B2: Method for purification of nucleic acids, particularly from fixed tissue patent, US-9419695-B2: Method and arrangement for adapting a multi-antenna transmission patent, US-9421265-B2: Aqueous pharmaceutical compositions containing borate-polyol complexes patent, US-9423694-B2: Polarization-modulating element, illumination optical apparatus, exposure apparatus, and exposure method patent, US-9424001-B2: Partial updating of diagram display patent, US-9424278-B2: Methods of searching public information for sales leads patent, US-9424710-B2: Electronic system for playing of reel-type games patent, US-9425587-B2: Busbars having different cross sections for a busbar system with a common protection or neutral conductor patent, US-9426236-B2: Determining a location and area of a place based on distances between the first mean and check in locations patent, US-9427184-B2: Systems, devices, and methods for bodily fluid sample collection patent, US-9428270-B1: System and method for controlling a remote aerial device for up-close inspection patent, US-9429040-B2: Expansion turbine patent, US-9430494-B2: Spatial data cartridge for event processing systems patent, US-9432164-B2: Method and apparatus for reference signal sequence mapping in wireless communication patent, US-9433061-B2: Handheld device for communicating with lighting fixtures patent, US-9435404-B2: Multiple speed transmission patent, US-9439553-B1: Portable washing and drying apparatus patent, US-9439958-B2: Stabilized virus like particles having enhanced mucosal immunogenicity patent, US-9440580-B2: Optic assembly having virtual external common focus patent, US-9440587-B2: Exterior mirror assembly with actuator patent, US-9442000-B2: Method for ascertaining and monitoring fill level of a medium in a container by means of a fill-level measuring device using a travel time measuring method patent, US-9442065-B2: Systems and methods for synthesis of zyotons for use in collision computing for noninvasive blood glucose and other measurements patent, US-9442549-B2: Low power paging of consumer electronics patent, US-9443068-B2: System and method for preventing unauthorized access to information patent, US-9447876-B2: Transmission actuator and methods of use and manufacture thereof patent, US-9448574-B2: Low drop-out voltage regulator patent, US-9451049-B2: Sharing media among remote access clients in a universal plug and play environment patent, US-9451446-B2: SIM profile brokering system patent, US-9451450-B2: Postponed carrier configuration patent, US-9453457-B2: Hydrogen supplemental system for on-demand hydrogen generation for internal combustion engines patent, US-9454768-B2: Method and system for estimating a price of a trip based on transaction data patent, US-9455280-B2: Semiconductor device patent, US-9457517-B2: Powder shaping method and apparatus thereof patent, US-9458103-B2: Compositions and methods for inhibition of cathepsins patent, US-9458209-B2: Methods and compositions using Klotho-FGF fusion polypeptides patent, US-9459193-B2: Stent holder having a reduced profile patent, US-9459679-B2: Power manager and method for managing power patent, US-9459873-B2: Run-time instrumentation monitoring of processor characteristics patent, US-9460508-B2: Image handling and display in X-ray mammography and tomosynthesis patent, US-9461357-B2: Antenna on sapphire structure patent, US-9462819-B2: Device for defrosting, warming and cooking using a circulating fluid patent, US-9463290-B2: Atomizer patent, US-9465844-B2: Unified table query processing patent, US-9467009-B2: Dipolar transverse flux electric machine patent, US-9467355-B2: Service association model patent, US-9468441-B2: Device and method for establishing an artificial arterio-venous fistula patent, US-9474297-B2: Low-sodium salt composition patent, US-9474527-B1: Surgical instrument with discrete articulation patent, US-9474645-B2: Punctal plugs for the delivery of active agents patent, EP-0056360-A1: Vernetztes Carboxymethylcellulosecarbonat und Verfahren zu dessen Herstellung patent, US-9474846-B2: System and method for detecting venous needle dislodgement patent, US-9478705-B2: Solid state light emitting devices based on crystallographically relaxed structures patent, US-9478812-B1: Interconnect for fuel cell stack patent, US-9479759-B2: Optical stereo device and autofocus method therefor patent, US-9479869-B2: Systems and methods for detection of load impedance of a transducer device coupled to an audio device patent, US-9480305-B2: Cleat for footwear patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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